Call me Asok !
I am a passion worker, involved in too many personal projects unwisely. I take immense pleasure in seeing creative photographic works where the contents and forms are in harmony. Publishing this online journal is my modest attempt to share with you my delightful visual experiences, which I do in a leisurely way guided/ misguided by my passion.


As for my background:
Until 1993, I had been neck-deep in active librarianship for decades. Still I enjoy making small things for library promotion.I love music – the most splendid information system, and chess – the game of perfect information. My next best temptations are reading and listening to others. This is why I am here to share your ideas and thoughts. Meanwhile, thank you my friends for the visit, and wish you a great time.


5 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello Dina, How nice to get your greetings after so long! Must have been busy with your creative works happily. This year, I wish you do more and be much happier than ever. Stay well. Asok

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