Burano an Island of Colourful Venice | Gin


We then took the vaporetto to Burano. This island was definitely my favourite! The houses were so colourful! This island is very famous for lace, however people also produce Venetia masks and glass on the this island as well.

Source: Colourful Venice – Exploring Murano, Burano and Torcello | Darwin on the rocks and around the world

Cappadocia | Evelina

Years ago Mount Hasan & Mount Melendiz spewed volcanic ash for miles and covered the town. Adding rain and wind to the mix, together they created this extraordinary scenery. Cappadocia is natur…

Source: Volcanic ash – Evelina

Visiting My Family Again | Otto Von Munchow

Since my first visit to Cuba in 1991, I have as often as possible visited a farming family in the valley of Viñales, in the eastern part of the country. The family has become like a second family f…

Source: Visiting My Family Again | In Flow